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Technical tours

Participants have the option to book hotels, airport transfers, and social and technical tours during the registration process through our third-party provider Go Green at reduced rates, which is also in charge of the conference registration and fee collection system. For booking please visit the account registration link.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Technical tour to Kidričevo Compressor Station and Ptuj Wine Cellar

Duration: 8 hours

Guided tour of Kidričevo Compressor Station

The Kidričevo Compressor Station provides uninterrupted supply and transfer of natural gas in the Republic of Slovenia. The compressors used for natural gas transfer are driven by two 4.30 MW gas turbines operating in open cycle. Uprating of the existing Kidričevo Compressor Station shall take place in the years to follow by the installation of additional five gas turbines of approximately 7 MW power which shall drive the compressors at the natural gas inlet pressure of 35 bar and at the natural gas outlet pressure of 70 bar, transmission capacity foreseen is 750,000 Sm3/h. The natural gas transfer is foreseen in both directions, so in the direction towards Austria as in direction towards Croatia while simultaneous natural gas transport across the Republic of Slovenia shall be provided as well. The facility shall so meet the more and more increasing demand of natural gas in industry and in newly foreseen power generating units. Complete automation of the station is foreseen. Remote control of the complete station shall be provided from the dispatching center of Geoplin Plinovodi in Ljubljana.

Guided tour of Ptuj Wine Cellar

Wine is one of the most important building blocks of the history of Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia, aging back to the year 69 a.d. when it was first mentioned in historical documents as the Roman settlement named Poetovio. In the mysterious underground of dusty walls the bottles of almost the last two centuries sparkle. The Ptuj winery wine library hosts the largest and most famous collection of vintage wines in the region.

Guided tour of the cellar includes the audio-visual presentation titled "When the drop sparkles", cheese bread roll and tasting of the 4 different wines.

 The tour includes:

  • Bus transfer from Ljubljana to Kidričevo, from Kidričevo to Ptuj and back
  • Guidance in English
  • Guided tour of Kidričevo Compressor Station
  • Guided tour of Ptuj Wine Cellar and wine tasting.

Price: 57,00 €
*Minumum number of participants is 16, please note, in case of a lower number of participants the price might change.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Technical tour to Hydro Power Plant Brežice and Otočec Castle

Duration: 6.5 hours

Guided tour of the 
hydro-power plant

The 47.4 MW HPP Brežice is the fifth in the chain of six hydroelectric power plants on the lower Sava River. It is a hydroelectric power plant of the run-of-the-river and reservoir type, with three vertical generating units.

The HPP Brežice will generate roughly one percent of the Slovenian annual electricity production and will also participate in meeting the peak-load electricity needs. Possibilities of selling ancillary services are also foreseen.  

The tour starts with the presentation of the model of the power plant Brežice. The tour guide will explain the operation of the power plant and its building process. The tour continues at the HPP Brežice command room, where all power plants on the lower part of river Sava in Slovenia are operated from. The tour ends outside, where you will have a chance to see the power plant's spillway, a passage for aquatic organisms (fish trails) and the accumulation pool.


Otočec Castle and food tasting

Otočec Castle is the only castle situated on a rivet islet in Slovenia and offers picturesque landscape surrounding. The magnificent castle park was most likely formed at the turn of the 18th into the 19th century. It displays numerous autochthonous tree species, such as black alder, white willow, black poplar, as well as some examples of exotic tree species.

At Otočec Castle, you will have some free time to walk around the park and enjoy the castle‘s surrounding.

Dolenjska region offers a variety of local specialties. You will be able to try some of them at the local food tasting.


The tour includes:

  • Bus transfer from Ljubljana to Brežice to Otočec and back
  • Guidance in English
  • Local food tasting

Price: 65,00 €
*Minumum number of participants is 16, please note, in case of a lower number of participants the price might change.

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