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PhD students and junior researchers are encouraged to submit a paper for the 6th IAEE European Conference PhD Day, which will take place on Sunday 25th of August 2019. Students may also participate in the IAEE Best Student Paper and Poster Award Competition, and take part in two PhD day seminars as a member of the audience (please find practical details and seminar descriptions below).



On Sunday 25th of August 2019, from 01:00 pm to 06:00 pm, there will be two PhD day Seminars given at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. These seminars are primarily but not exclusively meant for (PhD) students and young professionals, and participation is free of charge for students and young professionals.

Seminar 1: How to write papers for publication in scientific journals?

Location: Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Speaker: Adonis Yatchew externalUniversity of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief of the Energy Journal.

Description: It is very important for PhD students and young researchers to learn how to present their research findings clearly, and how scientific papers should be structured. However, these topics are rarely covered in depth in PhD programmes. This seminar with Professor Yatchew is intended for PhD students and young professionals that want to learn how to write papers for publication in scientific journals. The lecturer is Editor-in-Chief of the Energy Journal, one of the most important scientific journals in the field of energy economics, and his experience and advice are indispensable for every aspiring researcher in this area.

Break: 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Seminar 2: How to present research work in scientific conferences?

Location: Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Time: 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Speakers: Georg Erdmann externalBerlin University of Technology and Markus Graebig1, WindNODE Project Leader.

Description: It is a common and disappointing experience at conferences: Excellent content gets lost in poor presentations. We want to help you and your audience make the most of your opportunity to be on stage. This workshop will focus on the delivery rather than the content of scientific presentations. Best-practices both from the academic and the business world will be applied in order to make presentations as effective as possible. Topics will range from “mind your audience”, “identifying key messages”, “developing a clear storyline and storyboard” to “designing state-of-the-art slides” and “performing on stage”. All of this will be practiced in a hands-on workshop: Participants in the workshop are invited to deliver 10-minute presentations, followed by detailed feedback and recommendations for improvement. Participants that received the acceptance notification for their paper, and that are interested in presenting and receiving feedback on their presentations during the workshop should send an e-mail stating their interest at: Please activate javascript to view email address. We have time for a maximum of 5 presentations – slots will be allocated to students selected by the conference organisers.

1Markus Graebig is the project director of the WindNODE consortium. “WindNODE – showcasing smart energy systems from northeastern Germany” is a consortium with more than 70 partners, working on model solutions for the system integration of large amounts of intermittent renewables. Previously, Markus Graebig worked as a business consultant with McKinsey & Company and as a research associate at Technische Universität Berlin, Department for Energy Systems, with Prof. Georg Erdmann. He holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering (TU Berlin) and an M.Phil. degree in Engineering for Sustainable Development (University of Cambridge).


How to apply to participate in PhD day?

  • Submit your extended abstract to the IAEE European Energy Conference Ljubljana 2019 (https://iaee2019ljubljana.oyco.eu/). After a positive evaluation of the extended abstract, you will receive the acceptance notification, and you must register for the conference before 7th of June 2019.
  • While registering as a conference participant, also register for the PhD Day. Please note that you must be registered as a conference participant if you wish to take part in the PhD day. This step concludes all necessary actions for taking part in Seminar 1, and taking part as a member of the audience during Seminar 2.
  • If you are interested in giving a presentation during Seminar 2 ‘How to present research work in scientific conferences’, you must also submit your full paper before 7th of June, and contact IAEE European Conference Ljubljana 2019 organisers via e-mail at: Please activate javascript to view email address, stating your interest to give a presentation during PhD day Seminar 2.
  • Conference organisers will select five students to give presentations during PhD day Seminar 2. Other participants are welcome to attend the seminar as audience.

What are the deadlines?

  • Submit your extended abstract until 15th of March 2019 to https://iaee2019ljubljana.oyco.eu/.
  • Acceptance notification will be given by 26th of April 2019.
  • Students wishing to present at PhD Day Seminar 2 have to submit their full paper by 7th of June 2019.
  • Students that are selected to give presentations at Seminar 2 will be informed by 1st of July 2019.

What is the price of participation in the PhD day?

The participation in two PhD day seminars, Welcome reception and a welcome-drink at Student Happy Hour are free of charge!

*Please note that the PhD day and seminar programme and schedule are subject to change.