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Getting to the conference

Conference venue
School of Economics and Business
Kardeljeva ploscad 17
1000 Ljubljana
http://www.ef.uni-lj.si/en external

Conference’s venue is at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. Please see Google maps external for directions.


Official IAEE 2019 Airport Transfer Service

Participants have the option to book airport transfers, hotels and sightseeing trips at reduced rates during the registration process through our third-party provider Go Green, which is the Official Travel Office for the conference (The company name Ekoturizem). 

Shuttle Transfer Service
Ljubljana is approximately 30 min drive from the Jože Pučnik Ljubljana Airport. The shuttle service will run through the day and please note maximum waiting time at the airport (upon arrival or at departure) is 40 minutes to combine transportation. In case of an emergency please call our 24/7 Office phone number: +386 (0)51 303 404

  • Arrival Shuttle Transfer Service will be organized on Saturday, 24 August 2019 and Sunday, 25 August 2019 from Airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana (Slovenia) to the official IEEE 2019 hotels/IAEE 2019 venue.           
  • Departure Shuttle Transfer Service will be organized on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 and Thursday, 29 August 2019 from the IAEE 2019 venue/official IEEE 2019 hotels to Airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Prices (per person) are in EUR and include one-way transfer and VAT (is calculated on the basis of Article No. 98 of the Law). 

Shuttle Transfer Service Price (per person)
Arrival Shuttle Transfer Service (Airport Jože Pučnik, Ljubljana - Ljubljana) 15 €
Departure Shuttle Transfer Service (Ljubljana - Airport Jože Pučnik, Ljubljana) 15 €

Individual Transfer Service will be also organized for all participants and accompanying persons from all nearest airports (Airport Jože Pučnik, Ljubljana; Ronchi Airport, Trieste; Marco Polo Airport, Venice; Airport Franjo Tudman, Zagreb) to the hotel/venue and back for a maximum of 3 people per car/passage with NO waiting time and an English-speaking driver.

Prices (per car) are in EUR and includes one-way transfer and VAT (is calculated on the basis of Article No. 98 of the Law).

Individual Transfer Service Price (per car)
Arrival Individual Transfer Service (Airport Jože Pučnik, Ljubljana - Ljubljana) 35 €
Arrival Individual Transfer Service (Ronchi Airport, Trieste - Ljubljana) 125 €
Arrival Individual Transfer Service (Marco Polo Airport, Venice - Ljubljana) 240 €
Arrival Individual Transfer Service (Airport Franjo Tudman, Zagreb - Ljubljana) 150 €
Departure Individual Transfer Service (Ljubljana - Airport Jože Pučnik, Ljubljana) 35 €
Departure Individual Transfer Service (Ljubljana - Ronchi Airport, Trieste) 125 €
Departure Individual Transfer Service (Ljubljana - Marco Polo Airport, Venice) 240 €
Departure Individual Transfer Service (Ljubljana - Airport Franjo Tudman, Zagreb) 150 €

For booking your airport transfers, please see the Registration form.

Other transfer options from Ljubljana Airport

There are regular bus lines external leaving from Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana daily. The buses stop in front of the 'Departures' entrance to the Ljubljana Airport (please note that buses are less frequent on Saturdays and Sundays).

You can find a list of other shuttle services here external, shuttle-vans stop in front of the 'Arrivals' entrance to the Ljubljana airport. 

Public transport in Ljubljana

Please note that for using public transportation in Ljubljana, you need to have purchased and charger your Urbana card. Urbana card cannot be purchased or charged on the bus. Additionally, the bus fare cannot be paid directly on the bus in cash. Please consult the text below for details on how and where to buy and charge your Urbana card.

There are 5 buses at your service and School of Economics and Business can easily be reached via:

  • Bus routes no. 13 (Sostro) and no. 20 (Nove Stožice); you may get in at the bus stop Turist, Dalmatinova or Bavarski dvor (bus stops  in the city centre), the exit bus stop is KARDELJEVA PLOŠČAD
  • Bus routes no. 6 (Črnuče), no. 8 (Brnčičeva) or no. 11 (Ježica); you may get in at the bus stop Konzorcij, Ajdovščina or Bavarski dvor (bus stops in the city centre), the exit bus stop is MERCATOR

Map of daily city public transport is available here external.

You can also download Urbana Mobile Application which offers a user-friendly experience for smartphone owners equipped with NFC technology and with Android 4.4 or higher. Here is the QR code:

QR urbana

Urbana single city card is a no-contact smart card, allowing quick and convenient cash-free payment for rides on Ljubljana city buses. The Urbana card can also be used to pay for cable-car rides to the Ljubljana Castle, parking fees for white zones and parking lots managed by Javno podjetje Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice as well as the services of the Ljubljana City Library. 

How to purchase Urbana? You can buy it at the “Urbanomat” (Urbana city card vending machine), which are located at several bus stops around Ljubljana, or at various points of sale. We suggest you take a look at these links for more information: